The Solus Connect platform replaces token and passwords with a combination of biometrics, such as 3D Facial authentification and machine-learning tools to detect and predict fraudulent behaviour.

Client Verticals

Insurance Companies

For insurance companies, Solus Connect is the ideal authentication technology solution to strengthen an agent’s authentication as well as having their retail base send personal documents safely.

Healthcare Organisations

For healthcare organisations, Solus Connect offers the ideal authentication technology solution to facilitate the sharing of secure and personal documentation and health records.

Retail Organisations

As more people shop online than ever before, online retailers need to safeguard the identities and details of their global customer base – and password-based logins are no longer safe from sophisticated hackers.

Through our Solus Connect platform, a combination of biometrics, such as 3D Facial authentication, and machine-learning, can detect and predict fraudulent behaviour on mobile devices – ensuring that the end retail customer has the highest security protection against identity fraud and cybercrime.

Additional benefits include the ability to identify a customer faster, thereby expediting the entire sales process – as well as eliminating the need for password resets when log-in details are forgotten.

Financial Institutions

For financial institutions such as banks, it is imperative that they can offer their customers secure access to their accounts without compromising the ability to transact business.

Through a unique blend of biometric and machine-learning behavioural tools, the multi-factor authentication technology of Solus Connect facilitates this by completely eliminating the need for dongles, passwords, PINS or security tokens.

The customer IS the password – so their money, financial information or identity cannot be compromised.

Use Cases

The Solus Connect Platform creates a strong proposition to customers who want to move away from the traditional user name and password model.

Our on-device biometric authentication combined with device monitoring resolves the problem by making it harder for a hacker to break the system.

Our highly configurable Solus Connect Workflow Engine Platform offers a cost effective way to integrate our MFA authentication into any IT solution/infrastructure.

Solus Connect is versatile and can be used as primary authentication system (where is is responsible for maintaining user accounts, passwords, 3D Facial, device IDs, PINs etc.) or it can be set as a secondary authentication component where other systems call into it for specific authentications.

Value Proposition

Solus Connect leverages its tech and partnership advantages to deliver a solution that solves two key issues of digital businesses; user fraud and hacking. It delivers a secure, easy-to-use authentication platform for businesses with important assets to protect.

For our clients, Solus Connect eliminates the need for tokens and passwords as a means of deploying stronger user-friendly customer and employee authentication.

The unobtrusiveness and ease of use of our solution promotes higher levels of acceptance from the users. At the same time the small footprint makes it easy to intergrate into new existing mobile and desktop platforms that require extended authentication.

Our mobile client can be integrated into any iOS/Android operated device.

Using Mobile App to Authenticate into Web Service

Authenticate User on Mobile App

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