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National Cyber Security Centre – Proving Ground


Solus Connect has been selected for the coveted National Cyber Security Centre Proving Ground evaluation.

About Solus Connect

Solus Connect,, is a highly adaptive and agile platform that offers a versatile suite of next-generation, multi-factor authentication software that seamlessly integrates machine-learning unobtrusive biometric solutions and behavioural tools that utilise user and device behaviour to detect and predict fraudulent behaviour. Solus has pioneered methods for aggragated risk scoring, and behind this set of authentication functions is making the experience of verifying identity effortless, engaging, and compelling. Solus’s frictionless, ubiquitous approach to user identification and access supports a range of digital services, while offering a variety of distinct benefits most notably making hand-typed passwords and PINs a thing of the past. Get to know us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Tank2 CreateNational Cyber Security Centre – Proving Ground

Stay tuned, exciting times are surely ahead

Solus is aiming to make easy to use and secure for people to transact using crypto currencies
and smart contracts in the context of their daily lives