Provides the highest level of security to an end-user through a unique blend of biometric authentication and sophisticated machine-learning behavioural tools that capture their mobile device behaviour.


User details remain on their own device and not in institutional infrastructure, completely eliminating the possibility of server-side hacking.


Compatible for both web browser access (for online banking) and the dominant mobile operating systems (app based for iOS and Android) with no hardware requirements. Easily configurable to ensure the end user has the highest security protection against identity fraud and cyber crime.


Users authenticate in seconds and device behavior is unobtrusively monitored to provide a unique workflow picture for each user. This workflow data ensures that irregular device behaviour can be instantly identified and subsequent fraudulent activity eliminated.


Solus Connect is a highly-adaptive platform that offers versatile multi-factor authentication software at the enterprise level. It seamlessly integrates unobtrusive biometric solutions and machine-learning behavioural tools in order to monitor user and device behaviour. No hardware required.

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