Solus Connect is a highly-adaptive platform that offers versatile multi-factor authentication software at enterprise level. It seamlessly integrates unobtrusive biometric solutions and machine-learning behavioural tools in order to monitor user and device behaviour. No hardware required.


  • Behaviour Score
  • Behaviour Confidence
  • Behaviour Profile
  • Behaviour Average Score
  • Behaviour Score Age



  • Device Score
  • Battery Charge Profile
  • Malware Detection
  • Device Root Detection
  • Pictures/Contacts Present
  • Device Score Age


Authentication Workflow Score

  • Workflow Score
  • Authentication Strength


User Behaviour

Solus Behaviour uses the way users interact with an application to confirm their identity. It monitors over 2,000 other metrics to build a behaviour pattern and generate an associated score for each user based on attributes such as key pressure and duration and how they hold a device. Solus Behaviour is unobtrusive and the user is completely unaware that their behaviour is being monitored.

solus user behaviour table

Device Behaviour

Whenever a user authenticates through Solus Connect, Device Behaviour functionality monitors how the device is operated by unobtrusively scanning it for signs that it has been compromised or is being used by a hacker. This scan produces an individual score that indicates how ‘safe’ the device is.  Device behaviour rules can be completely customised according to requirements and specific rules can be applied to flag certain markers and this score amended as required.

solus device behaviour graphic
solus device behaviour graphic

Solus Workflow

Solus Workflow functionality is the engine used to enrol and authenticate users as well as build user-specific workflows and calculate their associated statistics. Workflows are made up of activities such as validating a user’s eye-print or sending a notification to a device. Each activity has an associated score with then this feeds into Solus Workflow’s authentication strength algorithms to generate an overall Solus Score.

Solus Score

Solus Connect provides individual scores in respect of user behaviour, authentication strength and device risk, and combines these to give an overall score for each user. Using machine learnings it then further combines user behaviour and confidence, average user behaviour, age of behaviour data, device risk score, age of device risk score, and authentication strength into one single normalised score – the Solus Score.

Solus Scores can be used by an application or passed into a risk engine for ongoing analysis and can be used to determine whether a user should re-authenticate (or ‘step-up’) before being allowed to perform a specific task.

Eye Print

The Solus Eye Print uses the visible blood vessels in the white area of the eyes to create a unique user eye-print.  No two people have the same eye-print – not even twins!  The eye-print is akin to taking a selfie and is compatible with the vast majority of smart phones as it only requires a 1 megapixel front-facing camera; and unlike retinal scans does not require infra-red capabilities.  Special ‘liveness’ detection is incorporated into the software to ensure it is a real person authenticating – and not a photograph or film.


Highly accurate

  • 99.99% accurate and scalable
  • FAR (False Acceptance Rates) – 1/50,000
  • FRR (False Rejection Rates) – 0.4%

Easy to use

  • Just like taking a selfie
  • Users Can wear glasses
  • Works in high and low lighting levels

1+ MP front facing camera

Image and pattern match the unique

blood vessels in the whites of the eye

Sealed biometric data

Eye Print data stays “sealed” in users mobile device and cannot be accessed by any one else without application disintegrating

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