Blockchain Integration

Blockchain technology is finding its way into into more industries every day.
Our technology can help companies fast track adoption by making its use simple, secure and effective.


Biometric technology has the ability to provide a certainty of identity that is the best in terms of identification and authentication accuracy. It can dramatically improve customer experience in a variety of ways where customers and retailers can see dramatic reductions in the number of manual steps to handle and process.

Blockchain technologies continue to find their way into the homes of reputable business, therefore the security and privacy is of paramount importance. Aside from the 3 key factors in blockchain technology (instant verification – speed, authority – trust and transparency) we add an layer of security, offering the assurance that every transactions (either smart contracts or token transfer) if done effectively by the person who claims the action.

At the same time, by means of our biometric digital wallet offering, we aspire to leverage the adoption by ordinary people of blockchain technologies by simplifying all the security aspects that surround the technology (certificates, passphrase, etc), replacing them with a simple to use biometric modality.

Stay tuned, exciting times are surely ahead

Solus is aiming to make easy to use and secure for people to transact using crypto economies and smart contracts in the context of their daily lives

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